Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Captured Moments in Ohio

A visit to the US in her spring of 2007 for my daughter's fifth delivery brought me to Ohio, Colombus. Inspite of an excrutiating journey of seventeen hours from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and sprinting 200 meters in my high heels to catch the connecting flight from Detroit to Ohio, it was a moment that I was not to regret.

I witnessed, with bated breath, the birth of my fifth grandchild, a healthy, bouncing baby boy, I spent precious moments with his sisters and a brother and I had invaluable mother and daughter time, amidst diapers, dirty dishes, and my daughter's lovely and lively girlfriends.

It was time well spent and although most of it was spent at my daughter's home I was fortunate enough towards the end of my stay to have been able to glimpse and catch snatches of beautiful Ohio country, its scenic river Scotio and some beautiful homes.

I have captured glimmers of these precious picturesque moments and I share them with you.

Mirror Lake at the Ohio University was exceptionally beautiful when I captured it. A looking glass that shimmers in the sun. It was a reflection for thought.

Lavender blooms near my daughter's home.


CIELO said...

Welcome to "Blogland! Your blog is beautiful, but nothing like your cakes! Yummy! :) Wishing you the best with your new blog... I will visit often.


Hezreen Abdul Rashid said...

Congratulations Zurina- on the birth of your baby grandson and your delicious blog!!!I will definitely visit often and I look forward for more posts. All the best:)

Zurin said...

Thanx Cielo! will post pictures of my own cupcakes next time. but they sure won't beat Zalita's

Zurin said...

Thanx Hezreen, i'l be posting on a roll!

Anonymous said...


put up the pic of those same trees when you were about to leave...full of bright green leaves!! LOL

Naima said...

Masha'Allah your blog is amazing. It was really nice meeting you in Columbus. We hope to see you soon.

Zurin said...

yes mayb I shd.:)

Zurin said...

Thank you Naeemah, thanks for visiting my blog and it was nice meeting u too, all of you!


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