Tuesday, March 24, 2009


If your mother/wife/husband/MIL/boss nags you serve them these. Good way to silence them for a while. Serve them a whole plate and they'll be quiet for an even longer time. Sticky, gooey, stretchy and delicious it will keep them quiet for more reasons than one.

This is a Malay confection made from glutinous rice flour coloured green from the juice of pandan leaves (South East Asia's answer to vanilla). Filled with a sweet burst of a rich, dark, coconut palm sugar syrup, boiled in water until it floats to the surface and then rolled in lightly salted shredded coconut it makes a wonderfully soft, sticky, gooey, stretchy sweet that is utterly delicious. Place them in pretty paper cases instead of piling them up like a stack of cannon balls and they are food fit for a princess, prince, king or queen.

Thank god I found a dainty way to serve this. These are usually served like a pile of rocks in Malaysia. With the paper cases cradling them they would be a lot less messy to eat too especially if you bite through them (a method of eating that is not recommended). The safest (and less embarrassing) way to eat this is to pop the whole darn thing into your mouth, give it a good bite, feel the syrup squirt all over the insides of your mouth and work your jaw really hard. Make sure you oiled your jaw joints first. And make sure you have real god given teeth. Dentures, no matter what make or model, will clack and clatter that you'll regret ever having had dentures or having bitten into these innocent looking ondeh-ondeh.

These are what they look like inside. These things squirt!

These confections are best made on the smaller side so that they can be popped into the mouth whole. Ideal if you don't want sugar dripping down your shirt or squirting on your friend across the table.

* Best eaten by teenagers and adults only. If little children eat these watch them(the children) carefully or cut them(the truffles) up into little pieces first. Like fish balls when eaten whole there is potential for choking.

Little devils these things are. But Yum!

Here's the recipe..............

2 cups glutinous rice flour
150 ml pandan juice (4 or 5 pandan leaves blended in a blender with 150 amount of water and strained)

a small bowl of finely chopped palm sugar or muscovado sugar (you really don't need much)

some coarsely shredded coconut or dessicated coconut if you can't get fresh.

Mix the flour and pandan juice and work it through until you get a firm dough. If too dry add a little water. If too wet add a little flour. Your dough should not be sticky. In fact it should be very firm and maybe on the drier side. If its too dry as you roll them just wet your palm a little and continue.

Get a pot of water to boil on the stove before you do the rolling and filling.

Pinch off some dough. Roll it into a round ball between your palms and then flatten it into a circle or bowl shape. Using a teaspoon scoop some finely chopped sugar into the 'bowl' and seal and roll again into a smooth ball.

Coconut palm sugar sold in discs.

Place the uncooked sugar balls on a plate until you have several pieces and then drop them into the boiling water and let them boil until they float to the surface. Meanwhile make some more until the dough is finished.

When the balls of dough float to the top pick them up with a 'spider web' /strainer and drain. Roll them immediately in a bowl of lightly salted shredded coconut.

Place in paper cases. Serve cold, not chilled but cold. Serves three or four.


Nadia said...

ahh finallyi can commenton your blog! lol thatother computer won';t let me...
oooh these match the backgrd colorof yr blog! nice!!! oh btw i always hv this problem,mummy...the filling leaks out..i hv so much trouble filling filling in dough lol...butterfingers i guess..but do you think i put too much filling?

GFAD said...

Hello Zurin.

Your onde-onde looks lovely. The light green on pink looks so sweet!

Where did you get your shredded coconut? It looks nicer than the usual coconut bought from the neighbourhood store. Looks as though you used the paper shredder! :D


Zurin said...

Thats an idea GFAD! paper shredder. :) I bought them at the bakery supply store..they call it hawaiin coconut...:D as if the coconut trees in Hawaii grow shreds instead of nuts. :D

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

Aunty Cherry! ha ha, do u have any coconut pudding recipe? u know those smooth and soft type.. ha ha

Zurin said...

OHHHH! hahaahhaha LOLOLOLOLOL since wen did u call me aunty, Denise? pls call me zurin unless ur my daughter's friend. u make me feel soo old.I can still sprint and jump u know! prob faster than u!! at least faster than my daughter! oh! btw, nt that I want to advertize to the world but I have a brown belt in karate too! LOLOLOLOL

heheheh I have lots of recipes Denise, shelves of recipe books but most that I have nt tried...let me do some research ok..ill try n then share..ill note down coconut pudding recipe!:D

LOLOLOLOL I cant stop laughing....lolol:D

Zurin said...

Juli, just make sure you seal without letting the filling out. seal seal seal with no gaps. crush the sugar finer too. if theyre sharp and pointed it will tear the dough too.dont let the kids eat without watching them!

terri@adailyobsession said...

i love anything pandan, coconut and gula melaka. Those pandan truffles sure look good but a teasp seems like a lot! if i eat 6 of these, i'd be eating 6 teasp of sugar... i will make some 2mrw, diet begone.

Zurin said...

Oh Terri, no not a teaspoon of sugar for each..I must have typed wrongly..I think I meant use a teaspoon to put in the sugar of about 1/2 tsp each. That means 3 teaspoons of sugar for 6 ondeh ondeh...nt too bad huh? hehheh

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

;D okay! TQ in advance 1st, Karate Queen~ ;p

Greg Wee said...

cool this is just so pretty. well done!

been so busy lately to do anything but the basic meals....so just have to salivate in front of the comp for now. love your roti too...my def must try. esp next time i cook curry. thanks. NEE

Zurin said...

Nee, thanx. Pls try the roti its realy good. Ys u 'look' busy went to ur blog a few times and you were 'nt there'! LOLOL

terri@adailyobsession said...

i made these last friday, and they were FANTASTIC!thnx for this post! the last time i made ondeh ondeh was in form 3, 50 years ago...

my girl said these sell for A$2.50 for 5 in melbourne n she wants to sell them at weekends markets :D

question: u said the grated coconut were from a bakery shop. is it dessicated or fresh, bc it looks fresh n yes, like a reader said, it is so much prettier than the finely grated coconut. do u mind asking for me, the next time u go to tt bakery supplies store, what machine or how they shred the coconut?? thnx dear!

Zurin said...

Terri, o m so glad it turned out fantastic!! Its a nice feeling whne someone tries ur recipe n they tell u its fantastic. m so happy!

what a 'rajin' daughter u have. I wish my second one wld at least step into the kitchen..LOL

No the shredded coconut I used was not dessicated..neither was it fresh..it is of the type that u can find in US or lets say western countries in hteir supermarkets....its sweetened shredded coconut sold in packets.The bakery supply store I bought it from calls it hawaiin coconut.
I cld ask bt those attendents there are sooooo 'take it or leave it ' types n I doubt they know anything beyond what is written on teh packet...the owner is nt there at all ..only hte workers..

What u cld do is buy some packets of them n ur daughter can bring to australia....

I wld be happy to help...if u know someone coming here or from here n going to kk I cld pass it to her to [ass to you...its about 10 ringgit per pakt.. I think.its 500 gm...

but once when I bought it i found the coconut a little tough...I think they used old coconuts...so gotta be careful too..

Anyway I wl go to the store and another store n see if I can get some info 4 u k. wl let u know. :)

terri@adailyobsession said...

zurin: but how do they taste? i'm sure yi can find them in melb bc they have lots more stuff there than here, and thanx so much for ur reply n offer to help get the coconut shreds for me.i think i'll pass, bc i like prefer fresh coconut.

Zurin said...

they taste ok but of course fresh is better anytime esp wth a pinch of salt!

Divina Pe said...

This is something I could try. I love Malaysian desserts. I will try to squeeze this into my schedule.

Zurin said...

Divina, oh yes please try. m sure youll like them let me know how it turns out :))


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