Thursday, April 2, 2009


Please be warned that the following pictures are graphic and are meant for housewives only.

Imagine my shock, my disappointment and my disbelief when I got home, drooling some and then felt my fingers slipping into this mush. I turned the water melon over and what did I see? Two big rotten holes in the skin of the water melon. Was it on a special offer? No. Was it a 'buy one free one' ? Heck no. Were they on the regular display shelf? Heck yes. What did I feel? Cheated. Indignant. And parched. Where did I buy it? TESCO. TESCO MUTIARA. DAMANSARA. SELANGOR.

These water melons were being displayed to tempt us. They were densely red, sugary, oozing juice and just calling out my name. I gravitated. They were sliced in half and wrapped neatly in cling film so that we did not have to heft, tap, curl our eyebrows, squint our eyes or make impossible decisions. These water melons were saying "We are as good as we look. Buy us! we're good! See! No cheating. We've been sliced. Look at us! See we're red, healthy and consumable! Buy us!" I heard them. And silly me. I bought one of them.

The rotten portion that I cut off. That was like over one third of the halved fruit.

So the next ime I see the sign Tesco I'll remember this. The next time anyone mentions Tesco I'll recall this and tell the story and the next time I have nothing to blog about I'll pay a visit to Tesco, buy some rotten food, come home and take some pictures.

By the way, while I'm on the subject of Tesco I might as well mention that I find a number of Tesco cashiers/front line employees particularly annoying and insolent. Or shall I save that for another post?

Hmmm......maybe I'll take some pictures of them too.


Marija said...

These days you have to open not two, but four eyes when you shop for groceries.

Happens all the time where I live :(

Zurin said...

oh please email me Fiza! I want to know!

Marija, Yes ur absolutely right! Il be doing that next time for sure.

Deeba PAB said...

Thank you stopping by. You should have taken it right back. How about sending a mail with a picture attached. Marija is spot on...4 eyes when you shop sounds good to me! Cheers Deeba

Zurin said...

Deeba, I guess Ishdve brought it back but what a hassle. MArija is absolutely right!Thanx for dropping by Deeba!

Nadia said...

oh these?? oioooh nice!!!!! how'd you put them>? by category ? you choose or blogger chooses based on simlarities? from reading my comments ppl might think I"m dyslexic! LOL

Zurin said...

yes, I was about to think that too :D I thought that they choose on similarities but actually no. Everytime a page is clicked it changes randomly. Nice arent they?!!so cute. :)


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