Saturday, October 31, 2009


Yes I'm guilty. I ate them.

Don't look at me like that.

They are yummy. They are crunchy.

They are holy darn dang cute too. Them little darlings.

Ring o ring o rosies..............
Pocketful of doggies
a woof woof a woof woof
They all got chomped down

So cute I could bite them.

And so I did.

Sonia made me do this. Sonia the Nasi Lemak Lover.

I was hesitant at first but she assured me that they were good. She said "....try! try!...never try never know!"

So now I know. I know I can eat cute little doggies no matter how imploringly they looked at me.

Wake up little doggies. Time for dinner........... dinner

Flavoured with Horlicks, a popular malt drink taken as a hot beverage in the UK and Asia, these doggies have apparently travelled around a number of blogs and enchanted many.

I'm honoured to have them grace mine.

Thank you doggies.

Eenie, Meennie and Mo................

I woof ya...........

The recipe.............

250 gm butter
30 gm castor sugar
1 egg yolk

250gm cake flour (Iused plain/all purpose)
40 gm cornflour
120 gm Horlicks
40 gm milk powder (I omitted this and made it up with horlicks instead)

Koko Krunch for the ears
Chocolate rice for the eyes
Chocolate chip for the noses

Preheat oven at 170 C

Sift flour and mix in the cornflour, horlicks and milk powder if you're using it. Stir to combine evenly.

Cream butter and sugar together until creamy. Add egg yolk and continue beating until the mixture is light and flufy.

Fold in the dry ingredients until you get a firm dough.

Pinch about 10m grams of dough and roll them into balls. Decorate into a cute doggie face.

Bake for about 10 minutes. Cool and store in an airtight tin.

Enjoy them.

How much is that doggie in the bottle?.................
The one with no waggely tail
How much is that doggie in the bottle?
I do hope that he is for sale......


Ninette said...

Oh my, you're going to turn me into a DOG EATER! I've never seen Horlicks around here though. So cute ... but so alluring. This is must Edward Cullen must feel around Bella Swan. Haha! (for those Twilight fans)

KennyT said...

Omigod, they are so cute! I'd not wanna eat them as they're so cute, haha.

Nadia said...

LOLOLOL but mummy you're not supposed to play with your food!!! LOLOLOLOL this is more like a toy!!!! but oh so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i think you had too much fun setting them up for the doggie shoot LOLOLOLOL wish I was there LOLOLOL

TINTIN said...

Cute doggies and I think it's too cute to be eaten...err, you eat them all??? lol ~~

Anonymous said...

zurin HAHAHAHA. your post made my day!
it was sooooo funny.
and yes, really adorable!
LOVE the story. heehee.

La Table De Nana said...

What are Horlicks? I love these!!!
So cute on the cake too!!

Ju (The Little Teochew) said...

So funnyyyyyy! I had a good laugh reading your humourous post, Zu. I love the doggies with horizontal eyes! They are a scream! I must make this with my kids :) This would be the perfect project for the coming year-end hols. Thanks Zurin and Sonia!

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Never try never know, now you knew the good taste right? Hahaha..I'm so admire with this humourous post, you are definitely a good writer and also good baker too.I'm poor in writing, so you can see I write very less in my blog,hehehe..

3 hungry tummies said...

awwwww too cute to be eaten! the one in the jar is looking so sad :(

Zurin said...

Ninette, lol ive already become one!

Kenny, haha


Tin Tin, chomp chomp :D

Felicia, heheheh

Monique, tq :) please click on the word Horlicks on my post. :) its a malt drink drunk hot...delish.

Ju, lol o yes fun prject . ur kids wl love it! :))

Sonia, yes they were good! heheh...u write good sonia..I like reading ur posts!

3hungry tums, yes lol...last little sad..:))

terri@adailyobsession said...

oh zurin, i love these doggies, esp the last pic, so nostalgic n homey, like he was looking out for you on a rainy day :DD i dunno..they look like lots of work n i'm a lazy mama..

Nat said...


Where's my truffels? In ur pic here there's almost a dozen. But i ate only 1 and 1/2???

Where's the rest? So not fair. Did u eat almost all of it? Didn't even leave some for me Worr.

Zurin said...

Teri, heh its nt too hard to make....lazy is my middle name..occasionally I wake up to feel my pulse.

Nat dear, I gave u 10 doggies for dinner last nite ! still not full?

ok ok will make them truffles :))..

Hélène (Cannes) said...

I love them ! They're so cute ! ;o)

Anonymous said...

These are so cute! :) I love the use of Koko Crunch for the ears... I haven't had them in years! And the cute chocolate sprinkle eyes. Love it! :)

Anonymous said...

OWH!! Too cute. Maybe I should give my cats these and they will be gleeful and smile smugly at the doggie who always barks at them from across the street.. hehe

Oh I might just make a batch and finish them off myself :P

Faida said...

Aunty, see what happen whe you posted something cute... you got bunch of comments. Let me guess.. they all must be ladies. Never serve ladies with adorable cookies, as they wont notice your deco talent, and the cookie might ended-up in their handbags, untouched.LOL! Great talent you have.

Zurin said...

Helene, yes they are cute :)) I enjoyed making them.

Breadetbutter, I seldom buy koko krunch myself so i had to buy a small packet just for this. :) was fun.

Percicilan, heh was thinking the same for my cat too !:))

Faida, tq :))

Sophie, yes they are cute :))

petite nyonya said...

hey there, thanks for finding my blog coz it helped me find yours in return and i love your blog!! these doggies are real cuties. saw them Sonia's blog as you've mentioned. i've bookmarked it but no time to try yet.

Unknown said...

I love dogs, and they are so cute with their eyes but no problem I can eat them !

Zurin said...

Petitenyonya, tq for dropping by :))

Chapot, yes cute but eatable! :))

Marysol said...

They look adorable and delicious, so I'd eat'em in a heartbeat!
But not without taking lots of pictures first. Hah.

You know, your blog has been educational. Well, I'm off to find out more about Horlicks.

Federica Simoni said...

bellissimi!! complimenti per le foto e la ricetta!

Elin Chia said...

So cute..the doggie! Well done, you always have this skill in making dainty cookies :)

2 Stews said...

These are some of the cutest cookies I've ever seen...I am adding these to my holiday baking.



Through My Kitchen Window said...

they are the doggone cutest little bikkies I ever did see. What a great little creation. Adorable.

COLARGOL said...

Superbe, j'adore !!!

Deeba PAB said...

Love them cuties...they are adoreable.

Zakiah said...

Eh..they are cute but nope I wouild not bite..can u turn it back ball or square shape for us...the old fashion cookie shape..hehehe.

Zurin said...

Marysol,tq :)))

Federica, tq :)))

Elin, tq I love pretty things...n the smaller the better :))

2stews, tq n u rvery welcome

TMKW,tq :))

Colargol, TQ :))

Deeba, TQ :))

Zakiah, heh boleh....:))

Mona said...

Wow, those cookies look so cute!

Alessia (Ale) said...

Bellissimo il tuo blog, e questi biscotti... ;)

Jess said...

Hi Zu, I have just made these cookies but they all cracked and made my doggies look really pathetic... :-( I dunno what I have done wrong (I halved the recipe and had 16, was it too big?)

Zurin said...

I can't imagine what Could have gone wrong Jess. Perhaps youre right. Maybe if you made them smaller they will cook quicker and will not crack. I got this recipe from Sonia and it was ok. I hope youre nt discouraged. Do try again and let me know how it turns out.

Sorry i took so long to reply Jess. Been pretty caught up lately ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh Zurin, you are such a talent. I am so glad i found your blog. You go girl.

Sophie ala Mode said...

These are so adorable. I love them...

Fat PomPom said...

Aww these are sooo cute!!! Will make these soon!


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