Monday, March 17, 2014


These are what have been keeping me busy ~ just in case anyone was wondering ~

Headbands for little girls or big girls ~ I make and sell them at LOLA ROSE

They are put together from fabric flowers i handcraft myself ~ Finally i have found something I love doing OUT of the kitchen and without having to wash up after! I also have a fabric flower and brooch bridal bouquet in the making ~ I hope not to disappoint myself. Flower making is awesome....except when you burn your fingers with hot glue from the glue gun ~

I think I have found my make flowers that don't need watering. 

Have a wonderful day and do pay me a visit at LOLA ROSE ~ flower lovers, headband lovers, fabric lovers  will love this place ~ Promise.




La Table De Nana said...

Hi Zurin~

Super pretty thigs..Congratulations!
Hope all is well~

Zurin said...

Hi Monique...youre so always. Tq and i hope u n family are well too :)

chow and chatter said...

beautiful work

Linda said...

Zurin they are simply gorgeous!
Nice to see you post!

nrfahz said...

They are really pretty Grandma! As part of your family, do I get a free shipping? :P

Zurin said...

Hi dearie, yes of course free shipping ! :) which wld u like dear?. So sorry ..ive been so busy lately and preoccupied with so many things i havent had time to email or chat. will do later k. send me a chat on google if you like but not too late at night bcos i mite be sleeping . but u did chat with uncles rab n zad rite?

Nadia said...

What do you have in stock? :) Maybe you could do custom ones for me and Sakinah? That would be nice. I'll chat you when I can! :D


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