Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Thank god I did not make any resolutions this new year. If I did you would find me agonizing over the all those pretty things that I would have to resist just because I didn't need them. I did it again. Yes I did... bought all them pretty things inspite of the economic woes unfurling across the universe.

But if someone has to keep the economy going. It might as well be me.

Being short of any food worth blogging about at the moment this is also another reason I have decided to display my wares once more. As usual they were a bargain and pretty too. Since everyone at home has been admiring and are in complete acceptance of my little indulgences I therefore have no reason to stop.

Pink is my favourite new colour since I bought these soup mugs. They are quite huge for a single serving of soup but who's measuring? They're cute and that is all that matters.

Rustic is what I love and rustic is what it is.

And here are two plates that challenged my decision making skills. As I looked at them and hefted each one of them in each of my hands, shifted my gaze from one to the other, used both my right and left brains, raised them against the lights in the store as I squinted at them, curled my lips into a painful smile, furrowed my indecisive eyebrows, sighed my breath away and spoke to them, I recalled quite acutely what Theodore Roosevelt had said, "In any moment of indecision the best thing that you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing and the worst thing you can do is nothing."

So I bought them both.

If there are some things that jolt you into mouthing the lyrics of a song or reciting a nursery rhyme these two plates certainly did. I found myself murmuring ..... "and between them both you see I licked the platters clean." Just like scrawny Jack Sprat and his obese wife....the one who could eat no fat and the other who could eat no lean these two platters looked like complete opposites but yet complemented each other so well. My life has been made. For today.

So I baked some semolina cookies and prettied up the plate. God! It takes so little to please me.


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