Tuesday, June 10, 2014


I am convinced that juicers and blenders are the two greatest kitchen inventions to help improve and maintain good health. But of course sometimes we need variation in presentation.

I stumbled across this Nopro Ice Pop maker. And what is really special about it is the fact that I could use a good old popsicle stick that I can get anywhere! No more custom popsicle handles to gather or keep safely. I had to share.

Also fruit juice popsicles on sticks look good in a food photo for a blog apart from being healthy of course. They do. This is a Nopro Ice Pop Maker from Amazon.

I ordered one and can't wait to get it. I know I've not been blogging diligently but that's because I have been eating healthy. I know I can still blog healthy food. I'll get to that soon.

I know it's summer over there although it's summer here forever. So what better way to celebrate a hot summer or a searing hot tropical weather than making gorgeous juicy and fruity and healthy cool pops on a stick, no? Yes actually.

So if you and I think alike just pop over here to find out even more on the Ice Pop Maker of Nopro. Gee ..I like that name ...for some reason.

As soon as mine arrives I'll make some pretty ones. Promise. I'll make a smoothie pop and take some pretty pics.

Isn't it neat? Woohoo..plus it's only $16.38 and ships everywhere. Its HERE!


pam said...

Thanks for sharing this! I have several pop molds, but they all have those plastic handles, which I don't like. I love that this one uses the good old fashioned popsicle sticks!

Zurin said...

Hi Pam ..yes indeed..thats why i LoVE it...waiting for mine to arrive..glad you like it too :)

x zurin

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