Monday, November 24, 2008


Ganache-Ganache and Terri from A Daily Obsession just tagged me and I'm supposed to reveal seven things about myself. Well here goes ........

I enjoy a good laugh because I think a person can't ever be complete without a good sense of humour.

I often wonder which is better. Reveling in the freedom of being unknown or suffering the confinement and scrutiny for the sake of 'famousity'.

I have reached a stage where I can walk into a household department, clothing store and a shoe shop and not buy anything.

I am a fast walker. So fast that my children can't keep up with me. I think each of my five children are beautiful, wonderful and special.

Inspite of having a food blog I'm still asking myself "What shall I cook today?". Everyday.

I have a deep and high regard for those who have willingly chosen nursing as a career knowing full well what they are in for and for their desire to care and to nurse. They are a different breed of human beings altogether and they deserve much admiration and a deep respect.

I reward myself at every excuse with a bar of chocolate. Love chocolates and ice cream.

I don't know very many food bloggers too well yet but what better way to get to know them I suppose. So most of whom I'm tagging here will be surprised.... but nicely surprised I hope!

Juli of Joyluck Kitchen
ICOOK4FUN of Kitchen Snippets
Chef E of Behind the Wheel Chef
Nate-n-Annie of House of Annie
Lydia of Mykitch3n
Julietilsner of Bad Homecooking
Audrey of Audrey Cooks

Rules! Always the rules...

Link my blog (tagger) on your blog.
Give seven facts about yourself.
Tag another seven bloggers by leaving a comment on their blogs and letting them know that they have been tagged.
List them on your blog.


Nat said...


YES....u always give us a good laugh...whenever you're willing to be bullied by us damn fun la. hahahahhaa....

Btw, i believe the grass isn't always greener on the other side....really. It's just the curiosity within us...

Mummy i think your legs have a mind of their own.... ure like speedy gonzales....quite irritating & tiring to catch up with u. And people say I walk FAST?!! MY GOD. Obviously they haven't met my mum...

And yes... I concur with u...nurses are a rare and different breed from us all. Very noble profession.

Btw, why did u have to take that photo of d choc bar next to ur Gucci sunglasses???? Stylo laaa kunun? :-P

Zurin said...

Heeeh, of course ! lolol...isnt the choc bar really was 'buy one get one free' AND i ate it in the car b4 I got home so that I did not have to share with you all! LOL

Nat said...

OMGGGGG....Mummy...soooo jahatttttlaa..... ;-P

Nate @ House of Annie said...



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