Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Self Serve Sandwich Toast

Lazy days are happy days. Everyone is out and nobody's coming home for lunch. :D. Unfortunately I still have to prepare something because I have this darn blog to feed. I scrummaged in my fridge/kitchen and I found that I did not have any flour to make cakes or cookies with but I did have the curry chicken filling left over from the curry puffs that I made two weeks ago (I freezed the filling and took it out to defrost). I had a can of tuna, mayo, onions, left over roast, some almost wilted clelery, green chillies from the Thai green curry and the rest, they say, is easy peasy.

I came up with three kinds of filling for sandwiches but the best part is that each person has to make a sandwich himself. And since I was the only person around that of course meant me.

I sliced the roast. I stared at the curry puff chicken and potatoes filling. And I made the tuna filling.

Tuna filling:
1 can of 185 gm flaked tuna in oil or water, drained
3 - 4 teaspn of mayo
salt and pepper

Blitz them all in a food processor and adjust for taste. Blitz until the mixture is fine and smooth that you could spread it with a knife like it was butter. For some reason it tastes so good this way that everybody thinks I had put something really special in it and they keep (annoyingly) asking me to make some more. In truth, that is all there is to it. Swear to God. Perhaps it is just the fact that it is blitzed to a paste that makes it taste good rather than mixing the tuna and mayo roughly with a spoon. I mean it is really good, but you will have to blitz it.

Now that the fillings are done slice some cabbage, celery, onions, chillies and whatever else that you have finely.

Pile everything that you like up on a slice of bread of choice, buttered or not buttered, sprinkle a little shredded cheddar cheese on the top and of course finish it off with another slice of bread. Butter the sandwich on the outside and swipe a mixture of garlic paste and black pepper on the outside top slice of bread and on the outside bottom sliced bread too of you like.

Toast in a sandwich toaster until golden brown.

Eat. That was my lunch and it was pretty good for a bloggered one.


Nadia said...

oooh mummy! this is so innovative!! what is a sandwich maker? like karipap mould?

and of yes the kids love your tuna sandwiches! lol....eh mummy you post your recipes here ..how about your cookbook?

Zurin said...

eh u never heard of a sandwich maker?? o dear.. go google..LOL diificult to xplain.US mesti ada dear.


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