Friday, October 5, 2012


I have been terribly busy......with experiments as much as with actual projects. But to cut my silence and absence here are some photos of what I have been up to lately.

This is a a peony I made yesterday. It took a whole day to complete because I had to wait for each row of petals to dry before i could move on tot he next. Each petal had to be painted with petal dust and then attached. I used Colette Peters peony cutters which i had bought online. It came with instructions which I did not like. They were skimpy and had an illustration of a finished flower that did not look appealing. But the cutters were great and I highly recommend them. I had also used a poppy veiner that I had bought from the Cake Connection. 

Here's a great link that I referred to while making the peony....

I followed the first 3 parts to a T then deviated a little because i wanted my peony to be a little more full at the centre.

And this is a practice part of a design i have in mind for a vintage theme wedding cake. I rolled out fondant tinted in ivory. Then I used a stamp i already have that i use for card making. I cleaned it very well and brushed on brown food paste and stamped on a piece of rolled out fondant. This, according to my current plan, will be the top tier of the cake...covered in script. The whole cake will be covered with the script and then decorated with flowers. But of course that is only a plan. Who knows what I may or may not do. This is art. Not a science project. So its difficult to be precise. And where plans change from moment to moment. On a whim.

My plans ~

Bye and have a lovely day ~ Will catch up again ~




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