Thursday, March 7, 2013


Yes, it took this long. But it was worth the wait.

Here comes our gorgeous bride ~

Nik and his beautiful Jun bride walked towards the 'pelamin' led by little Amira, the cutest flower girl on earth, accompanied by the rich, mellifluous lyrics of 'Getaran Jiwa' which enveloped the room and hushed the crowd. After the blessings were done they walked back serenaded by Nat King Cole's soft baritone with 'When I fall In Love'

                                      ~ The young and the not so young ~

                                 ~ The 'pelamin' or dias ~

~ The brass stand holds a potpourri of sweet rose petals, scented, golden grains of rice, fine strings of fragrant pandan leaves and a vessel for sprinkles of rose water ~ 

                                                              ~ The 'Bersanding' ceremony ~

                                                  ~And so they were blessed ~
                                      ~The Bride's Parents ~

                                          ~ The Groom's parents ~

~And of course.... details are everything ~

Yes, I made the guest book and the signage that you see ~

 ~ Gilded some edges with gold...paint ~

                          ~ used an old earring for the bookmark ~

And on the inside ~  I scalloped and distressed the edges of every page ~ what can I say ...I was happily obsessed ~

As if that wasn't enough I drew lines ~ and stamped vintage-y pictures on every alternate page ~ love the kitty ~

Pretty paper cones my daughter Natalia and her lovely friend Sha made for cupping the appetizers ~ laced them with paper lace and filled them with crunchy seaweed crackers ~ I think the guests enjoyed it...many asked for the recipe

I sewed linen and lace pouches, added pearls.....fake....hand-stitched aqua roses from organza and made tags ~ then I strung them with pearly blue and white ribbons for prettiness ~

.... and filled them with mints and a pretty rose embellished note that said .." These favour bags were handcrafted with love. Coffee was used to colour them a light brown. Lace was added for delight. Each rose tenderly hand-stitched. But, like love & marriage, perfection is not to be expected. It adds to the charm. " Enjoy &.....

Love heart cards I created to accent the the trays of bridal gifts ....I added the words 'cherish', 'honour', 'respect' and je t'aime' ..

I cut, folded and created scripted brown paper bags with ribbon-y handles, wrapped those special gifts for the main table in pretty floral paper, embellished them with strips of vintage book paper, aqua ribbons and a mini bouquet of flowers.... 

   ~  Fluffy lacey flowers I made to accent the brown gift bags ~

                                               ~ Then I told myself to ~

The hour before ~

The hour after ~

 Love black and whites ~

The usherettes for the dearest sister in pink, her daughter in red and my daughter's friend ~ 

Our daughter, second from right, and her pretty friends ~ even more usherettes for the evening ~

Me was busy ~ upstairs & downstairs ~

Nik making his speech for the night ~ And the wedding cake that I made...I loved how it turned out...the top tier is covered in a fondant "manuscript" and the bottom tier was decorated to give a fabric and lace effect. ..The vintage theme....

Cutting the wedding cake...that I made.:)

Cutting yet another cake specially made for the lovebirds at the main table ~ :)

~This was what Jun was cutting...and that was why Nik was beaming ~ a chocolate cake piled high with maltesers ~ 

Forgive me for drumming this in ....but yes I made that too.

~ The bestman ...our middle son, Zad ~

Below is the dessert table spread with cakes that yours truly baked, transported and set up...with the help of a dear friend and my dearest sister and her family ~

We served a range of cakes..carrot cake, brownie bottom cheese cake, a dobos torte, apple cake, a fruit tart and many more plus a variety of Malay cakes....In short it was a hit...swiped clean by the end of the evening :) 

                                                          ~ A Dobos Torte ~

A family shot ~ yours truly in white next to my aunt in black ~  My mother in lavender, husband in white standing next to husband of my aunt. 

My husband and his brothers (such serious men all) and their lovely, lively wives ~

With my sister and her lovely girly family ~ our youngest son, Rab, is in the centre between his lovely cousins ~

What they did upstairs before going down to join the guests ~ Little Amira, our flower girl has quite a personality and was adorable :)

                                                 "She did it!"

Nik and Jun with Nik's cousins, my brother's sons, and their wives and little baby Naira~

                                                   With my sweet  nieces 

With lovely sister & parents of our flower girl, first, second and third from left, Amira, and a dose of some good friends ~

My son the groom ~ what's going through his mind?

" my socks match? "

                                                                   ~  "I'll ask Jun. " ~

                           " Yesssss... It does! woooo hoooo!! "

Best friends. Man and wife. May Allah bless them with good health, long life, happiness, murah rezeki and with beautiful and healthy children.

                          ~ And so I said to myself that...

              ~Love is created when good memories are made ~



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