Sunday, May 18, 2014


Image Source: Healthy Food Team

After my son's wedding more than a year ago, headbands, fabric flowers and everything else were mere distractions.

Truth was, I was becoming somewhat unhealthy. And concerned. My lipid profile wasn't at its best because my LDL rose. I know that we only live once. I'm not a cat. I doubt that I have nine lives.

So, apart from whining to anyone who would listen I thought a little exercise wouldn't hurt aka 'would be good'. I go to a beautiful park near where I live, do 4 large laps (40 minutes) of some really brisk walking, sweat it out, look for a spot on a slope facing east which is where the view of the lake and the gorgeous hills happen to be and do a little sunbathing, just my legs and arms, for some vitamin D. I do some yoga that I can still do (thank god!), swing for happiness on one of those exercise apparatus, under the trees, then a quick zip home for breakfast of blended raw oatmeal, ground flax seeds and honey and occasionally with some fresh orange juice and bananas in it as well.

You see, I've become boring. Too boring to be an interesting cakes and cookies and yummy food blogger. That was why and when I stopped.

Then someone whispered, "Well, blog healthy food then." I heard but didn't take action because healthy food is boring.Think about it, no more cakes, cookies and butter. The idea didn't move me emotionally. I'm a woman who's driven by passion and I wasn't passionate about food without oil, coconut milk, butter, eggs, sugar and other happy ingredients.

Then came juicing because I did juice, once upon a time, until cleaning the juicer became a complete nuisance. That was 12 years ago.

However, juicing got my attention once again when I saw the Breville. Gosh, it's sleek! It's the JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus. It's sleek, I'm telling you, and easy to clean, like 1,2,3. The reviews were great. And that was what I could afford, a mid-range juicer. And I'm passionate about juicing. Well all right, I'm passionate about the juicer too.

I searched for all the reasons to revive juicing and to slip it back into my routine and for the reasons I should spend a few hundred (after conversion) on a juicer. I found tons. Of reasons I mean.

I'm a huge juicing fan now, again. And I honestly think everyone should be too.

Juicing recipes abound. Think : oranges, apples, pineapples, star fruits, rambutans, and yes...Romaine lettuce, bak choy, brocolli, spinach...all those bitter greens that I (and my children) dislike, the tastes of which could be neutralized with squirts of lemon and lime, to fight the cancers, the cholesterols, to meet your daily recommended requirements, to cleanse and give you instant nutrient absorption.

Forgive me, I don't mean to sound like a dogmatic healthier-than-thou, pontificating about the benefits of juicing, but truly the benefits are endless. It's almost a sin not to juice.

Trust me. Check out this gorgeous drooling juicing machine here and drool.

This is what it looks like...Check it out here for a detailed review or go straight to Amazon to get one if you like.


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