Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I love festivals don't you? You get plenty of cheap things sprouting up in foyers of shopping malls every time a festive celebration threatens to pounce on you when you turn the corner. And in Malaysia that seems to be a monthly event. Almost.

With Chinese New Year looming not too far off, I, the bargain hunter, the cheapskate, the ceramic detector went on the prowl. I found myself surrounded by some Chinese ceramic bowls in candy colours . They glared hard at me. It was all I could do to look back meekly, my spirit, shriveled to a wisp and my fingers groping my purse for 20.50 RM. I handed it over.

It's a jungle out there!

I just stopped in my tracks when I saw them. And when I got closer I almost blacked out. They were almost free at 3.90 RM each. You can see how many I bought. Not that many but many enough to not know what to do with them. At times like these thinking is not an option. In fact it would be the most despicable thing to do. But if you have to think about it here's an interesting article that will set you thinking about it.

Aren't they beauties? I am just insanely in love with them. Wonder what fate has in store for them in my home? I'm thinking now. Bites. Appetizers. Got to think of something soon. Ahh.....rugelach maybe...Yes I got to make some..tiny ones and pile them up nice and sweet in one or two of those bowls. I can't wait to get started.

They're waiting in the garden.


Having claimed possession of those dream bowls I then headed towards Cold Storage supermarket just across from the foyer. I love that supermarket because they have some really lovely household (small range but good choices) items at very reasonable prices. I have bought some very pretty platters and oven proof casseroles over the years at disgustingly cheap prices.

So if you have an eye for bargains and pretty items and cheap items, like me, go there. Scan, detect, aim and buy.

These jars that I bought almost escaped me if someone hadn't left one of them laying around deserted on one of the shelves.

It came in a set of 4 and I could not find the other 3. I searched and I even used my thing detector hoping to get some more but to no avail. But contented to go home with just one anyway I brought it over to the cashier and when I reached there he told me that I have to buy it in a set of 4.

Did he make me happy or what? So he went in search of the other 3. I would have waited the whole day for him. And they are a funny, odd shape with lovely colourful fruit prints on the covers. I would pay anything for QUAINT. I would die for quaint.

Finally he came back to me with the whole whopping set and the LAST one! Sorry girls!

No. No fairy god mother I knew waved her wand and put those lovely cutesy jars amoung those weeds last night. I put them there so I could take a picture. Got to get working on those weeds.

Who knows what I would fill them with. But you know what? Who cares. I'll have enough satisfaction just looking at those fruits on the covers. And at their funny shape.

I got them and I own them. That's what's matters.


Nat said...

Hi Mummy,

Long time no see.... :-P

Nat said...

If i had to make a post. U know what's the title? "The Joy of Sleeping".

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Hi Zurin! Beautiful bowls! And unusual jars! But, i must of all...GORGEOUS photographs! I enjoyed my shopping trip!...Debbie

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

ha ! how many times u have move ur 'toys' around ur lovely garden and snap pics? hehehehh

the chinese bowls are sooo beautiful!!!

Zurin said...

Natie; yea, where have u been?l'l second u on the joy of sleeping..zzzz

Prof en retraite; they r beautiful still drooling over them!

Denise; oh yes moved them around a lot. in fact drop one of the bowls but lucky me it didnt break.. heheheh

terri@adailyobsession said...

wow, treasure find! love ceramics too n u know what, guangzhou is d place to go. still, kl is very good too judging by what u bought.

Zurin said...

yes Terri, m happy with my find altho I wldnt mind finding somemore!

Nadia said...

i love your shopping the bowls and love those jars!!!!!!

the joy of shopping LOL

we're trying to come back for a visit...fahzy asked to start april 15

Zurin said...

Oh ok so tell me when u plan to come back ok... havent seen u posting for so long alredy..are u very busy packing?

Nadia said...

busy pening! LOL

actually a class is coming up in town so we're busy preparing for that..F's handling the financial aid stuff and I'm sucked in too LOL..but other than that we've just been waiting and thinking over and yes some packing LOL...hope things settle down


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