Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I grovelled for this recipe from Terri of Hunger Hunger after reading her new year post and she in turn directed me to Greg and Nee who posted the recipe on their post. Thank you so much for sharing Terri, Greg an d Nee! It's utterly addictive and unbelievably easy to make. To be honest when I was trying to conjure up this recipe in my head I had imagined some sort of a thin batter in which the strips of seaweed would be dipped in and then deep fried. I couldn't have been more mistaken and nothing could be more obvious and plain than the method by which this is made. Like everything delicious the secret is in its simplicity that no one would have considered. Except..........

....son number one who after crunching on a piece stated quite nonchalantly, "Oh you used popia (spring roll) skin?" I cringed (and hung my head in shame):).

Here's the recipe..........

10 squares of nori seaweed
20 pieces of spring roll skin
sesame oil
1 egg white lightly beaten

Seperate the spring roll skins and keep aside under a damp cloth as these dry out very quickly. Take 1 piece of spring roll skin and brush all over with egg white.

Sprinkle salt and pepper and place a sheet of nori seaweed on top of it. Sprnkle some sesame seed oil and rub over evenly. Brush another sheet of spring roll skin and lay it over the seaweed layer, egg white side down. Do the same for the rest of the seaweed and spring roll sheets. You will end up with 10 sandwiched layers of seaweed like in the picture below.

Cut with a scissors each seaweed sandwich into strips and then across into 1 1/2 inch ribbons/band aids.

Deep fry these until a light golden brown. Drain, cool and store in air tight containers if you manage to get them in them instead of into your mouth.

TIP : Don't worry about the strips sticking together when frying. Just put them in and they will naturally seperate.

TIP : Do fry only until light brown and not dark brown. Will not look pretty if it's too dark.

TIP : If while cutting the layers seperate, just brush some egg white and stick them back together.


terri@adailyobsession said...

yummy! zurin, u can season the egg white with the s & p, much easier n well-distributed.

Zurin said...

Thanks Terri for the tip!wl try the nxt round.

Zurin said...

Hi Fiza! Im glad u tried this recipe n tht u liked it...of course u can 'borrow' the recipes.theyre all for sharing...let me know how they turned out k

Anonymous said...

Stunning photography

Zurin said...

Normadic Gourmet, Thank you for the compliment! :)

Trisha said...

I stumbled on your blog from Tastespotting and ohmygoodnessgracious i am going to try this! I am probably the world's biggest nori fan so this is just perfect! Trisha - http://sugarlace.fragiled.net

Zurin said...

Trisha, Sorry i got your name wrong on the other comment. I misread trishie..I think I need glasses :) hope u try this . tis very very very very good and addictive and hope by the time u finish frying them there wl be some left over for otherrs! :)

chocolatecup said...

omgggg. i love these. i eat them by the packets! now i get to make them!!! oh yesss! thank you babe!

Zurin said...

Choc cup, welcome! u'll love this recipe..very very easy.enjoy!! N thnx 4 visiting!

BinX said...

I stumble upon your blog and it was amazing!!! But I cannot see some photos on your blog... It is only black background pictures with "!" mark on them... Could you please upload them once again? Really appreciate it :)

Pookashae said...

I'm looking for something a little... less fried. Do you think they would work just as well baked?

They look and sound delicious, but not sure I want the extra fat.


Zurin said...

Hi Aimee...m not sure if baking wld work..but i cld give it a go...i have yet to try baking them..when n if i do i will let you know :)
Tq for ur interest

Zurin said...

Sorry Aimee... i mean YOU cld give it a go ...:) i ve been so busy lately i have not been cooking or baking much.


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