Sunday, August 30, 2009


I'm sorry..... I would have been back a little sooner but Life got in the way.

But I'm back and since I have to re-do 2 posts that I had clumsily deleted I'm going to make this somewhat short a get straight to the point.

I'd like to thank Cherry-Potato for the Kreativ Blogger Award.....Cherry potato is a young mom with a passion for cake decorating and she's doing it soo well! Check out her blog for some wonderful cake decorating ideas.

and Tracie and Elin for the I heartyour blog award awards....

Tracie has such a passion for cooking and baking for such a young person that I'm always amazed. And her photographs are beautiful too.

And Elin.... What can I say...the great cook and bread lady who is always coming up with new recipes and funny stories. Love her blog...... and her too.

It makes blogging so much more fun to have come to know such wonderful people as they and so many more and of course to receive lovely 'awards' from them makes blogging that much sweeter. Thank you all soo much for thinking of me. :)

I am going to pass the Kreativ Blogger Award and the 'I heart your blog' award to

The Little Teochew
Cake on the Brain
Diva of Sugarbar
Kitchen Snippets
Ninette of Big Bold Beautiful Food

Basic rules are to pass on the awards to at least 8 to 10 other blogs that you love, link them up on your blog and leave a comment on those blogs that you have passed the award to.

So I'm breaking a few rules here but nevertheless the awards go on. :)) Keep on blogging! :))

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