Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Avocados are one of the creamiest fruits I have ever come across. Its creamier than bananas but has not the sweetness at all. Its green is absolutely gorgeous, its a dream to slice through when ripe and I get a strange pulse of satisfaction from scooping it out of its shell. I have eaten this simply mashed and stirred into yogurt with honey drizzled over the top and I loved it.

When I saw Chef Corbin make this on Restaurant Makeover I thought I had discovered my ultimate creamy health food in my favourite colour. It was easily made in a blender with coconut milk, some cream and some sugar or honey. Blend. Freeze. Scoop. I watched and heard the mm-hmms. Then I made some.

If you're draped in a very gloomy day like I am today and are/am/is me please don't eat this. I felt a tad gloomier after eating this. 

It didn't do it for me. And I have no idea what to place my finger on. 

Avocado? Coconut milk? Cream? 

Or all of the above? I suppose. Because I love all of them but I did not love them all together. I felt like I had on my favourite green shoes with my favourite blue dress with my favourite pink lipstick. All together on me. Imagine that. 

Photographs are poor. The heart was not in it as much as the sun wasn't out.


1 avocado, scooped out from shell, seed removed
a splash of coconut milk
a splash of cream
Squeeezes of honey

Blend. Or process. Omit freeze and scoop.  Smear it on your face instead. Leave on for 15 minutes. Wash off. Pretty face.

Mashed avocado makes a good moisture mask especially when combined with honey. You have no idea what foods I use on my face.


The Sweetylicious said...

that look really creamy and DELICIOUS!!! so nice for hot weather! (:

Ribbon and Circus said...

Salam K Zurin,

i'm one of your silent reader.. hihi
May I know tips on buying avocados? never bought them before and tempted to try this recipe ;) thanks

Sarah-Jane - SiliconeMoulds.com said...

oh dear - it looks lovely .... even if you didn't like it. I had to laugh about wearing it on your face !

Sometimes things we make just don't live up to our expectations.

I like avocado. Either in a salad, on it's own or very simply sliced with tomatoes and between two slices of bread.

fimere said...

quelle délicieuse crème j"adore
à bientôt

La Table De Nana said...

Love your honesty:) Honestly!
And the photos are good! You are so funny:)

Tricia said...

Your picture caught my son's (6 yrs) attention. He loves ice-cream ... and avocado.

As he was "reading" your recipe ... he asked ... why put it on face ... LOL!!! That was funny!!

ann low said...

I love avocado, either on the face or as a dessert ;DD

Angie's Recipes said...

Zurin, your avocado ice looks so lovely! Love its natural jade green colour...nice and cool.

Shirley @ Kokken69 said...

Well, you know, Zurin, I have never learnt to like avocado. Despite many people telling me that it is a healthy fruit. Part of the reason, I think is because I am afraid that it would make me fat... Hahaha.

Aisha Jameel said...

That's the first time i'm hearing about an avocado ice cream ! lovely :)
please visit n follow my blog if you wish to @ http://kitchensojourn.blogspot.com !

pigpigscorner said...

Try condensed milk! Love the combo!

Zurin said...

Ribbon clown,

Thanks for dropping by :)
Ripe avocado is very dark and is not green. If you press it a little with your thumb it will give way . It will be slightly soft. Hope this helps :)

good to know you :)

Zurin said...

Hi everyone! thanks for dropping by. I always appreciate it.


Aleida said...

Avocado ice cream? I didn't know such a thing existed. I'm not a huge fan of it myself but my parents are. I wonder how they would feel about it in ice cream form...Or how about we use mangoes instead?

Through My Kitchen Window said...

Damn. I was getting excited for a minute. I have avocadoes galore on the tree at present. I love the colour of it - like a pistachio green. If you could change something in this mix, what would it be? I'm interested and I'd be willing to give it a go. Waiting with baited breath! Mariana xx

terri said...

yum! looks like pistachio ic

Zurin said...

Dear Mariana,

sorry to disappoint you wth the post but it didnt taste very nice to me. But you know, maybe its just me?

If i were to make this again I think I would use less coconut cream/milk. Maybe it was teh combo that didnt work for me.In fact I would probly try a squeeze of lemon or lime juice to cut the creaminess of the avocado too. It mite work . Do try since i know you have tons of avocado on your farm! I have to buy them and they cost me 4 ringgit each!! which is about US$ 1.30. That s expensive for us poor malaysians. :P


Anonymous said...

sad it didnt work out as you had dreamed :( I will stick to eating my avocados with salt and a fork! Let us know if you find a winning recipe!

Unknown said...

That looks wonderful. It is like a avocado milk shake.

Through My Kitchen Window said...

Thank you Zurin - I'm going to give it a try. I'll let you know how I go. Yes, avocadoes are very exy here too. They can cost up to $2.30. That's at its most ridiculous. Usually, about the $1.50 mark - each. Not easy to afford is it.

Miley said...

Hi all,

Really, you have created a nice site! This avocado coconut ice-cream is looking so delicious and creamy. It is perfect for hot weather. Thanks a lot....


Le said...

You're officially my new fave foodie friend! I love avocado ice cream, everyone always looks at me like I'm crazy everytime I bring it up here in New Zealand. Apparently avocados only belong in salads and sandwiches here.

I haven't tried it with coconut before, but try avocado ice cream with marshmallows next time and you'll love it!

Great post

test it comm said...

I like the sound of combining avocado and coconut in an ice cream!

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

OOOh MY gosh!! I am making this for sure!! I just bought a vintage ice cream maker..and this recipe is on my list now.

XO Lindsay @ Delighted Momma

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Ohh and your photos are GREAT!!


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