Thursday, September 15, 2011


Forgive me for the long silence. Things have been a little hectic. But I'm back and there is no better way to start off a-blogging than with these moist, scrummy and fudgy brownies.

These are the most delicious brownies ever! They're chocolatey, fudgy, slightly chewy, with that shiny crackly skin on the top. They are addictive. You can't stop at one. Swear to god. They are even better cold straight from the fridge and I've even had them half frozen from the freezer.

I had kept them in the freezer so we would not gorge on them in one sitting but apparently frozen brownies were even more engaging to eat. I don't think these brownies would ever get dry.

They were born from a small home business run by a young man who is an engineer by day and brownie baker by night. How more intriguing could that get? And they have crossed the seas to Singapore, Sri Lanka and Brunei.

They are baked in a 10 inch by 10 inch tray.



Sarah-Jane - said...

I love your last photo Zurin !

I love brownies too. The texture looks divine - but shipping them in from Malaysia would be madness. lol

Shirley @ Kokken69 said...

Zurin, welcome back! What a great idea to freeze the brownie. That definitely help to keep the calorie intake in check. Hope you had a great Hari Raya holiday!

La Table De Nana said...

They look fabulous.
How nice of you to toot their horn.

Unknown said...

The brownies look great.

Moni said...

Wow! I love brownies, and this became great - so juicy and chocolate. And the pictures are amazing!

Linda said...

MMMMMmmmmmm...these look wonderful! You are making me want a brownie right now!

Edith said...

For a moment, I thought I can bake these lovely babies for my sharing session trm. haiz... not back to the searching mode.

Nick must be very pleased to know that you brought his brownies to the next level of goodness. The shots are just gorgeous.

Cooking Quidnunc said...

Yummy! My favourite thing to eat, with a tall glass of milk.

erna dyanty said...

Hi Zurin,

Just dropping by to let you know I'll be doing a brownie bake sale this weekend. Drop by and let me treat you to a piece of brownie and some tea?

Yet again, I love your photos and the brownies do look amazing!

best wishes,

Zurin said...

Hi Erna,

:) Thanks for the invite. Will try my best to drop by...I have a kenduri on saturday. Will come around on sunday :)

Unknown said...

So great to see such a beautiful product! I love brownies! Yours look delicious.

Anonymous said...

I'm Nik's regular customer and I blame him for all my extra blubber. But I keep ordering anywayyy.. hehe

Through My Kitchen Window said...

Crickey - they do look good, gooey without being too gooey. I don't like brownies that are too wet. It's a fine balance and one that this 'Nick' has well and truly achieved down pat. As usual your photos have done those brownies a lot of justice.
Mariana xxxxxxxx


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