Sunday, October 9, 2011


We went to the BIG BAD WOLF book sale! N the man, N the woman and R the man At MAEPS in Serdang......We arrived. We queued. We hounded. We hunted. These were what I snared. Thirty eight books with a total damage of RM415. NICE!

Ten of them were hard cover cookbooks, nineteen were novels and the rest were what-nots. :PPP

All books were at 75-95 per cent discounts. Al novels were a mere 8 ringgit each, hardcovers were 20-25 ringgit each and the rest were pure cheap as well. 

N the man snared a stack, N the woman snared a stack and R the man snared a stack. But I snared the mostest. Need I say more?

Don't be too jealous. I'm going a-huntin' again. Bulls eye!

YUM!.... Look at those cookbooks :)))

WOO HOO ! I snared the mostest. :)


La Table De Nana said...

I love when things like that happen..
Good for you!

Min said...

Cool! I wish I was there...they are so cheap :)

Small Kucing said...

Not bad. I see that we bought some same books.

a quiet life said...

oh i love big tall piles of new books, FUN FUN AND MORE FUN! i have several of them too, so i know how happy you are~ and a sale, yippee does it get any better!

Sem said...

Is the Nigella's Christmas a US edition or UK edition, I got it from the Big Bad Wolf book shop in AMcorp Mall for RM38 but it is a US edition.

Zurin said...

Hi everyone.....:))) tq for enjoying with me :)

Sem, its the US edition...twas 20 ringgit . you didnt do too bad yourself considering you didnt have to q :)

Through My Kitchen Window said...

Are you kidding! That's crazy. Good on you, but I ain't envious. I have too many books as it is - and I hate parting with them once they come home to live with me. But space is becoming a problem as is time with reading all of them. Are you seriously going to get through all these books Zurin. If you do, once again, good on you! So pleased that you are so pleased. Have fun - although I suspect much of the fun was in the 'hunting'. Mariana xxx

Swee San said...

i went there too.. got my share of books too!!

Sem said...

Hi, i went there yesterday, not much good cookbook left indeed, as what i have seen in your blog and others.Early bird catches the worm indeed.


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