Monday, June 18, 2012


I have developed a penchant for tags, grungy tags. I came across an image on the internet that I think best describes me. Here it is ~

Having said are more tags that I have been making in utter oblivious obsessiveness....

I Love using Tim Holtz's distress inks and am trying hard to apply new techniques each time. At the moment i have only 3 up my sleeve. Distressing the edges, blending colours and water blotching with different colours.

By the way, if this all sounds like the beginnings of a craft blog rather than an ongoing food may be  right. I think its beginning to be one. I have also ditched my DSLR for my mobile phone camera. The DSLR unofficially belongs to R now. I think. Even more so for his next semester.

This all started (the crafting I mean) when I bought a few paper craft tools to make favours for N & J's wedding later this year. I had stictched some linen and lace pouches and crafted some other things. I will not be posting them until after the wedding though. But they are all done and ready....and quite beautiful..if I have to say so myself. Very pleased indeed.

I cant wait to make the wedding cake.

Anyway, here's what i've been 'tagging' .....I LOVE tags. I make them for no reason. I have not given or used any of them...Yet.....maybe i just want to build a collection...I don't know...what do people who make tags and cards do with their stuff? Especially in Malaysia? Card giving and tag attaching is not quite  a culture here. But ...ho no...that's not going to stop me form making them. It's artsy. I like artsy.

I love flowers too ~ fresh and paper....can you tell?

Mmm hmmm I love grungy-ness ~

Now these flowers are a no brainer. Cut out a circle. Any size you want. And then cut the circle into a spiral beginning at the circumference and ending at the centre of the circle. Then roll it up and glue the bottom. You will figure it out when you attempt.

Got my mom's left over chiffon from her tailor and scrunched it up into this flower. Literally scrunched it up. And quickly glued it together before it opened up again. Then I glued the faux pearls into the middle.

It's got to be love. I can't make a hate tag. Can I ?

This flower was easy peasy too. But fiddly. Nothing new to flower making world.....made form organza. Cut out plenty of circles in 3 different sizes.. Pass the edges over a candle flame to singe it. Place the circles on top of one another in descending sizes...smallest at the top and stitch into place..add whatever you like as the flower centre. Just in case you're wondering, I do not intend to do photo or video tutorials because that would give me stress. Right? I craft to de-stress.

Flower made from a  printed music sheet. By the way ~ I am a Purl Gurl. Love pearls (even fake ones). 

All photographs were taken from my mobile phone.

I do hope you have a lovely day today :)



Rita said...

They are soo lovely!
Check out my blog:

La Table De Nana said...

You've made and created beauties..So funny how our tastes coincide:) I am enjoying following you on Pinterest:) I enjoy adding those organza flowers to just about anything except food.

Glad to be able to peek into your crafts Zurina:)

Sarah-Jane - said...

I know what you mean about tags. I've been obsessed with tags too - hence making chocolate ones to go on edible gifts.

I love tags !

Zurin said...

Thnaks Rita :)

Monique, tq...we r Pinterest girls! :)

Sarah, we LOVE tags dont we..But you make edible ones!! how great is that! :)

Tina said...

Kak Zurina! I'm following you on Pinterest now! :) love all your pins!

Zurin said...

Tina... i looked at your blog but decided not to leave a message cos it was octber 2011 for your last post..ill go to your pinterest instead :)

nrfahz said...

Greamma, I wonder if I could make another guest post on your blog, please?

Zurin said...

N sweetie...of coursr you can dearie! tell me what you wld like to bake/cook :)))

La page de J A C said...

Just gorgeous and very talented writer also. I got quite a few smiles reading a few of your blogs


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