Sunday, September 28, 2008

Kuih Makmur - My Little Turtles

These are the cookies I made yesterday for Raya (Eid). A rich concoction of plain flour, ghee and butter. Very much like a very rich shortbread with a nut and sugar filling and dusted with icing sugar after baking. Yummy if you like a rich cookie. I indulge once a year and this cookie just melts in your mouth. mmmmmm.......A little fiddly to make though but looks very pretty and worth the effort.

I will post the recipe once the festivities are over. I made this by eye and did not weigh the ingredients. I'll make some more after Eid just to post it on the blog.


Anonymous said...

love this'd you make it with that ridge in the middle?

Zurin said...

Its actually the join after I cover it up when I put the filling in! I was too lazy to smooothen it bu tI thot it looked good to and Usually I kelip the sides so that it looks like leaves with veins...some people do that but more work of course...I used to do it too.


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