Monday, December 8, 2008


I'm into miso now so this is a fried rice dish where I used some and believe it or not I used some Italian Dressing as well. It turned out rather good actually. Better than the usual fried rice that I make.

I will not be giving exact amounts that I used because I never thought that I would post this. The only reason I have pictures of it is because I was practicing some photography today.

Anyway here goes......... so adjust the amounts according to taste!

Overnight fried rice, loosened and seperated with wet fingers or freshly cooked rice
Chinese cabbage, shredded
Chillie, shredded finely
A few shitake mushrooms, sliced medium fine
1 big onion sliced finely
A few splashes of Italian dressing
Honey...yes honey!..LOL ..I don't know what I was thinking but it turned out fine.

Chicken thigh meat, sliced finely, seasoned with salt and pepper, sugar and cornflour
Some prawns, peeled and left whole and seasoned with the chicken meat

Cooking oil

Saute seasoned chicken meat and prawns. Keep aside.

Heat a clean pan, when hot add oil and then saute the onions till golden. Before the onuions turn golden add the shitake mushrooms and saute until the onions turn golden. Put in the miso. I put in about 2 teaspoons. I was cooking about four to five servings. Add a splash of Italian dressing. I used Kraft. Squeeze some honey in. Add salt. Add the shredded cabbage and stir till slightly soft. Add the sliced chillies. Add pepper.

Mix in the rice in now and mix well until the rice is well mixed with the rest of the ingredients. Put in the sauteed chicken and prawns and mix well again. Adjust for salt and add more pepper or crushed bird chillies if you like. Serve hot.

I did not crack any eggs in as I don't put eggs in my fried rice for cholesterol reasons but you may if you like of course. But honestly it was very tasty even without the eggs.

Good luck!


Nadia said...

photography practice A++++ lol

Zurin said...

Heh :D

Chef E said...

Do you have a good recipe for ginger dressing? I love that, and could look one up, but would like another's opinion...


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