Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I made a visit to Bangsar Village yesterday because I knew that with Christmas around the corner I'd be able to get glimpses of some very pretty things at the foyer of the complex. And so I did.

I didn't feel very comfortable clicking freely away with my point and shoot so each time before I did I asked for permission and believe it or not some of them did not allow me to take pictures of the stuff they were selling!! Flabbergasting don't you think?

However here are some of the things that I did get pictures of.

Lace, duvet covers, embroidery, table cloths, cushion covers from China and Vietnam. Those from Vietnam are a little cheaper and are hand sewn and very very pretty. I swooned but did not buy any. Shopping for lace wasn't on my list. If it's on yours be ready to spend not less than a few hundred before coming home happy and contented.

Aren't they beautiful? Tea cosies with the typical green and red of Christmas colours. I do wonder how many people use tea cosies these days? I love them but don't use them although I do remember that my mother used to use them about a century ago :). But beautiful nonetheless and it really wouldn't hurt to use them more often again. But then how many people sit down with the family to have tea at four o'clock these days what with traffic jams and the fact that no husbands or children would be home at that ungodly hour! And needless to say the ubiquitous enclaves of kopitiams and mamak shops are constantly beckoning us with ready made treats in their chatty, yet torpid atmosphere typical of a sunny, humid and tropical country.

This little piece was something I bought and have had for years. I was more intrigued by its purpose when I had bought it and I knew that I would never ever use it. Believe it or not it is a sandwich cover!

Yes it is. What you would do was to make a few, and I really mean FEW sandwiches and put them in the middle and the wrap them up like so in the following picture. And there you have a pretty display of a sandwich cover with the sandwiches inside. A novel idea really and it will certainly keep the sandwiches moist. But unfortunately I was thinking of stains and how it would only serve at most two people although very prettily. I have never used it because I can't imagine my husband and I sitting down to a 'feast' of three of four dainty sandwiches as opposed to two plates of rice. And the STAINS! So what I have done with it now is to throw it over one of my lampshades. It works and I'm a happy woman.

I walked into The House of Presentation and these were what caught my eye. I asked for permission to take some pictures for my blog and the lady in charge seemed hesitant at first and asked if I was going to sell them! Actually I would rather buy them. But I didn't of course because a set of those four pretty plates in a very pretty box would make me poorer by 148 ringgit. Besides I have enough collection of plates that I have yet to hang up on a wall somewhere in my house. But that did not stop me from thinking about buying them though.

Right next to those pretty plates were a box of matching cups and saucers. What else! These pretty things costs 208 ringgit. I suppose they weren't that expensive because I have seen some plates and cups and saucers that could blow your credit cards away for good (Somehow Ikea seems tempting now). So I must say that they were reasonably priced. They were not too much on the higher end and quite affordable to many I suppose.

I turned around and these were what I saw! So pretty and dainty were the tiered plates that I fingered them. I believe they cost around a hundred ringgit or more. Didn't buy them though.

Who wouldn't want a set of pots and pans like these? Tell me. Nope, didn't bother to check out the prices.

Back out into the foyer I saw these very Christmassy plates that costs 20 ringgit each. Love the colours and great for gifts.

Some more christmassy salt and pepper shakers. Would have bought them if the attendent did not chase me away for taking pictures! He probably saved me about 50 ringgit. Or was it 80 ringgit? Thank you very much.

Some more Christmassy stuff. Candle holders and flower pots? I just love the red. I just thought the shapes of the flower pots were very pretty. I realise now that I like anything scalloped.

Dropped in at the Khazanah stall. And I saw these lovely lamps. Very Alladin-like but to consider buying them did not cross my mind so unfortunately I did not check out the price. But they are beautiful aren't they?

Turquoise is soo middle eastern and I just love the colour of these thingys. I suppose they are candle holders or something of that sort. Dust magnets. That was what came to mind but I took a picture anyway because they were very attractive.

Necklaces. Beautiful and exotic. Wouldn't wear them myself because it would just take too much work and effort to mix and match. But lovely aren't they?

THEN I went to do what I always do. Grocery shopping. I dropped in at the Village Grocer Supermarket and since I seldom go there to do my not so weekly shopping I was pleasantly surprised.

First of all I stumbled upon a satisfying variety of whipped cream of which some were very reasonably priced. I bought the cheapest at 12.90 I think. It was dairy cream and not a vegetable product. These are what they had and I happily clicked away. So for those of you who are looking for whipping cream (dairy) at reasonable prices this is the place.

This is also the only place that I have seen extracts in these variety. Pure vanilla extracts, peppermint extract, orange and lemon extract and imitation rum. A little pricey of course so if you really want original vanilla essence go buy the vanilla beans at a bakery supply store. Much cheaper and more authentic I believe. But imitation flavours are available here as you can see. Imitation rum. Wonder if they will pass a fatwa on that?

Some more flavours! For lazy bakers.

Then I came across these. This is the ONLY place where I have seen these. I mean I've seen Betty Crocker's chocolate cakes and brownies etc but not pie crusts. Not that I need to buy them but it just goes to show that one can get lots of things here where you can't find in other supermarkets even in KL. As far as I know. Pricey aren't they? If you were to make them yourself it would probably cost a third of what you have to pay for here.

Button mushrooms at 28.50 per kilo. Quite reasonable but if you want to get it at a cheaper price go to the Taman Tun Pasar Besar. It will cost you only 20 ringgit per kilo at a certain stall! TTDI Pasar Besar here I come!


Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

This is so unfair!

"President" dairy cream here sell at 33.xx (discounted price) for 1 L!!!! and I see the price tag 18.xx in the picture! immediately I feel like migrate-ing to KL!

Zurin said...

AAHHH! 33 ringgit!! hmm ..Mayb u shd migrate..but I love kk and the beach! priceless!!!!so stay there!

Nadia said...

LOLOLOLOL you were chased away? LOL..i love your shopping excursions LOL..do you do this by yourself, or does daddy go with you? lol (I think the former, right?) lol

i think we have the same tastes too..what you find beautiful i find beautiful too

Nat said...

MY god....i knew it.... Kakak Juli is turning into Mummy......inevitable...

Chef E said...

That is a new one to me, although when in Italy, I was mesmerized at all the stuff and labels I had never seen.

Thank you for letting me window shop with my busy schedule, plus it helps me not spend any money!

I love the linens...my mom was a seamstress growing up and we always had beautiful pillows, casings, doilies, and stuff. I learned how to, so maybe when I retire I will make them like she did. I miss those days, when we did not have them ready to buy, and so expensive!

I am visiting my son in Missouri next week, and a girlie college friend from way back, we will hit all the wonderful thrift shops that I miss when living there. That can be the best shopping, tags still on clothes; although I hate to admit people waste like that!

Zurin said...

yes alone. LOL..they wre beautiful aren't they. Ok now read natalia's comment. LOLOLOL



Chef E

So glad u enjoyed it. I love linens and I enjoy sewing too.

Used to sew my own clothes and one time I bought all the embroidery tools and threads and silk ribbons eager to learn from books which I had bought much earlier.

Unfortunately I never got around to it and that was six years ago! youre right...when I 'retire' from housework (if ever) i'll probably start doing just that! lol

Zurin said...

O enjoy ur shopping in Missouri! I can imagine!

Nadia said...

natalia...LOL...i've turned into mummy a long time ago I think LOLOLOLOLOL..without realizing it..the correlle set i have is very much like the ones in the pics mummy took LOL the design and everything...

i think if i go with you the ppl in the stores will have to chase two crazy ppl away each time LOLOL

Zurin said...

I can imagine . We'll be like 2 little dogs yapping with our tongues hanging out... and drooling.lol


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