Tuesday, November 4, 2008

While I Whiled Away My Mind

I didn't know where else to go while waiting for the Pest Busters to finish their job at home so I went to Ikea. Took some pictures for some show and tell.

Things I love.

These are what I love. I saw them at IKEA and I could not shake it off from my mind for a week. However, at RM19.90 each I had to reconsider my affections and as of today I have yet to make a final decision. I am sure there are many more, as many as there are fish in the sea, so they can wait. But they would look so good in my blog filled with some yummy noodles or some fruit cocktail or.....I don't knoowww.....somehow it doesn't seem very suitable or practical for eating anything out of. It would be like eating from a little flower pot albeit a very pretty one. But I love the scalloped edge and the embossed flowers, don't you?

Then I saw these. I love the colours but I did not buy these either. I love the game I played with myself. Do what pains me, do not purchase anything and leave triumphant in the thought that I have resisted temptation.

Then I saw these. I did not have much of a problem with these because although I thought they were very attractive I also thought they were a little too bold. It's food that I want t o serve not the platter.

Then I saw these. Curtain fabrics. But I was thinking table cloths. They would make very pretty table covers for daily use. It's not easy getting a table cloth for a large dining table for eight persons, at a reasonable price, for everyday use, with three distracted males in the house. Neither is it easy to get one that is large and that hangs down over the edges sufficiently enough so that it does not look like it had shrunk after a wash. At about RM 39 per meter, I think it would cost me RM 90, for a decent length of a very pretty table cloth. But just to get it stained with curry? NEXT!

Ah.. I saw these. Red lampshades are very flattering and gives off a rosy glow to your guests complexions. Must get a red lampshade.

Dust traps. That's what I call these. But lovely nonetheless. Don't have one because I don't fancy spending time dusting every nook and cranny of that basket over the years. But who knows I might give in and suffer.

Things I need :

Plastics. Can't live with them but can't live without them. At RM 15 for a set of seventeen pieces it is a bargain. Seven different sizes in a set. The best set of plastic containers that I have bought and used in my life, Easy to wash, no difficult and annoying edges on the covers to fiddle and clean and the corners of the bottoms are rounded off which makes washing them a breeze. A good buy.

These things (splatter proof thingys) keep your stove clean and you get to reserve more energy for other things besides cleaning the stove, like napping and blogging. I can't remember how much they cost though. Can't live without them!

Things I wouldn't buy :

Very cute, small but too big for spices and too small for anything else. Besides, the aluminium paint on the cover peels off after a time and they don't look very nice at all.

Not as practical as it looks. Been there done that. Its a magnet for dust and frankly I'd rather have family's underwear etc immediately transported from the laundry basket to a dark, dank cupboard. See not, see mess not.

I congratulated myself for not spending a sen. Headed straight home ready to face the world of home and a pest free life.


Nadia said...

LOL, so you bring your camera shopping as well? LOL i think we camera-wielding food bloggers may look insane now LOLOLOLOL..i have yet to snap photos while shopping though...maybe i shuld start but then again, i don't usu go to interesting shopping places like Ikea LOL...

mummy, have you read up on plastic, the different kinds and the leaching? i am trying to switch to using glass now esp for containers..for zeyd's food esp i use only glass containers...and did you know some people crochet used plastic bags to make reusable shopping bags? i looked it up on youtube..pretty interesting..:)

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

e i hate! hahah make me jelex... nvm nvm nvm.... 2 jan I will be in KL! I must attack IKEA! ha ha

Zurin said...

Juli, No I havnt yet...there are some people here who make very pretty baskets from old magazines and sell them..I keep old glass jars and bottles to reuse too...lol i bring only my point and shoot and just click around...

Zurin said...

Denise : do go to Ikea ..interesting place to browse n buy of course...lol...I must get comminssion frm Ikea


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