Saturday, March 19, 2011


Colours make the world go round. In my world. 

Two days before the cake was to be picked up was a period of intense focusing, ups and downs, debating, changing of plans and finally, the night before, a feeling of relieved exhilaration. 

I made a brocade design over the fondant covered delicate yet rich velvet butter cake and topped them with  three romantic hues of pink roses.

However the colours did come at a cost. There was plenty of gum paste kneading and mixing of food colours until I was satisfied with each hue. But it will always be my favourite part....creating colours.

I was so relieved the bride loved it. Although she had requested for a replica of the wedding cake that I had made before I couldn't concede to her request. On the last day I had to make a drastic change of plans because I realized that the cake was too large and the roses not large enough. I had also made the roses all of the same size which meant that I did not have the variation of sizes that I did before to enable me to give the arrangement a pleasing natural garden look. Lack of experience made me overlook the fact earlier.

Where once the roses I made would be inconsistent in size due to my inconsistent and unconventional methods this time around each rose was of an almost equal size ever since I had attended the gum paste roses class. I will have to learn to make bigger roses in future. The class was a boon because I can now make very beautiful roses but a bane in my attempt at replicating my last wedding cake. Ignorance was a kind of bliss then.

But when you're at your wits end it helps having loving family rallying around you. Full of helpful suggestions and support I managed not to lose it all. Finally we decided to give the cake a simple topping of roses. I must say, and I say again, colours make all the difference. It brings an otherwise plain and simple cake to a totally different level. I almost didn't want to give the cake away. Perhaps that's how the father of the bride feels when the time comes to give the bride away.

But all is done and over and I now appreciate my pre-wedding cake life more than ever. Yay. 

This time I had dusted the edges of all my roses with two shades of pink petal dust. Particularly Coral Pink. Then I did what my gum paste teacher told me I should not do to gum paste roses. I steamed them. That set and sealed the colour in and the pink did not fade as pinks and purples always tend to even after a mere 24 hours. I was jump-for-joy pleased. Otherwise the pink roses would have been a pale almost pinkish shade of white by the time the bride came to pick the cake up. Lesson learnt. Defy your teacher for a good cause. :)

And I will never again make sugar flowers without brushing on petal dust. It brings the flowers to life. They glow and look so very beautiful. Like a blissful bride on her wedding day.

The leaves I had made the same way and of the same colour when I had made this cake. I resisted buying a rose leaf veiner because it was quite expensive so I used the Wilton veiner that came with an old set I had bought ages ago.

I had also made some tendrils of simply twirled craft wire around a pencil. I loved doing that. And the results were cute. The white filler buds I had made this time around instead of buying them as I usually do. They were so easy and adorable to do.

The only item I did not make this time around were the white with yellow centre filler flowers because I did not anticipate using them. It was a good thing I had some spare from the  last wedding cake.

I love wedding cakes of colours that take my breath away. Don't you? My best wishes to the lovely bride and groom.

My fondant rolling for a ten inch cake was made so much easier with a lovely inky blue silicone mat that Sarah-Jane of had included in the squishy parcel she sent me with the financier and jumbo cupcake moulds amoung other fun things some weeks ago.  Thank you Sarah. It was such a great help otherwise I would probably have had almost a foot of extra fondant hanging over the base of the cake :P All I had to do was to swipe a teeny bit of vegetable shortening over it for a smooth and effortless job. 


Janine said...

your roses look so beautiful, that they look almost like real ones! best thing is that they are edible :D

Elin Chia said... are not only creative with words...but with cakes too...beautiful roses ! I am sure the bride and groom love their wedding cake :)

pam said...

Unbelievably beautiful!!

La Table De Nana said...

I would frame it and hang it up for all to see!
Zurin..this is one cake I won't even try to copy..remember my wannabe fairy?

Oh this is just stunning..too cute you didn't listen to your teacher..we are incorrigible even at our young age:)

Federica Simoni said...

complimenti questa ricetta è davvero ottima!!ciao!

CathJ said...

Beautiful creation.. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Hi Zurin, the cake is so beautiful that it took my breath away. I really admire your creativity and eye for beauty and details. Love your blog :) - Michelle

Linda said...

Zurin this is simply breathtakingly gorgeous!
It is a work of art and the rises look so are so beyond talented!

ann low said...

Zurin, This wedding cake looks stunning. Love the pink roses and you're really an artist :)

kouky said...

bonsoir Zurin!!
je viens de découvrir ton superbe blog et je te dis bravo et merci pour toutes ses belles choses!! ce gâteau est une véritable oeuvre d'art!! les couleurs, les roses , tout est parfait!!

tasteofbeirut said...

That cake is a work of art, too beautiful even to touch, let alone eat. The roses are more beautiful than the real ones!

Through My Kitchen Window said...

I loved your comparison with a father giving away his daughter to you giving away your cake. Speaks volumes. Sounds like you invest so much time, effort, money but more than anything a little bit of yourself goes into creating this work of art. It's almost like a loss. But it isn't really. Because of you and your beautiful creation, the bride will forever be reminded of love. It's so much easier for all to go and buy a wedding cake. But the love is missing. I'm sure your stunning cake made them feel the 'love' a whole lot more.

Sarah-Jane - said...

Hey Zurin

That's BEAUTIFUL. Absolutely stunning and a true work of art. Those roses are every bit as beautiful as real ones in full bloom - if not more so. I'm sure the couple will be extatic with such an amazing cake.

Loads of love

Sarah-Jane x

Jenn said...

Gorgeous cake! Those roses are so realistic and I am so very impressed with your skills. Why does the pink and purple shades tend to fade? I didn't know they could change after they were colored?

Jo said...

Zurin, your gumpaste roses are so real and the pastel colours are absolutely gorgeous. I bet the bride was so pleased once she saw the wedding cake.

tinytearoom said...

oh my goodness this is more than fabulous! your flowers are perfect. congrats on a beautiful cake. luckiest bride + groom ever!

Anonymous said...

Aunty Zurin

Thanks so much for making the beautiful wedding cake for my sister. We loved it very much. My sister was very pleased with the cake!

We're all very sorry if we had caused you unnecessary stress! We really appreaciate your help and your patience (so many changes!). No words can describe our gratitute towards you :-)

- Junaida -

Zurin said...

Hi Everyone. Thanks for dropping by and your always very kind words :)))


It was a pleasure. And you are all most most welcome. Im so glad everyone was happy with cake. :)esp your sister :)

Take care and my best wishes to your sis and her husband Louis. May they have a long and happy marriage.

aunty Zurin

Zurin said...


I don't Know why they fade but fading is particular only to reds, pinks and purple. I will have to find out why myself. But steaming the flowers help a lot and they did not fade least not when the cake was picked up. hopefully thats the answer to this problem :) Thanks for dropping by Jenn :))

Anonymous said...


I am eternally grateful for beautiful and exquisite cake you created for our wedding. When we "revealed" the cake to my relatives, prior the reception event, everyone exclaimed and said the cake was breath-taking.

Like what "Through My Kitchen Window" said, this cake was extra special to Louis and I because we know so much love went into this stunning cake.

Can I just say, as I'm sure this almost never happens with wedding cakes, but the cake was completely gone by the end of the night. I think our guests were "fighting" to get a piece of this delicious cake.

For this, I thank you and your family. Words cannot fully express my gratitude.

Your beautiful creation is now immortalised on Facebook, with my relatives and friends posting numerous pictures of this cake, with one word attached.... "YUMMY!" :-D

Thanks again Aunty and lots of love,
Juita (no longer a bride, now a WIFE!)

Unknown said...

Those are beautiful. good job.

Marysol said...

If I smiled upon seeing this beautiful creation, I can just imagine the reaction of the cake recipients.
Excellent work!

Zurin said...

Hi Juita,

you are most welcome Juita. Im glad everyone were fighting for the cake. I was wondering if it was finished ;)

I enjoyed making the cake and Im glad it turned out pretty and that you loved it. Thats very important to me. The bride (now wife :P) must be happy with the cake. It was made with much love.

I hope you and Louis have a long and happy marriage. And maybe lots of children? May Allah bless you and your family. Take care dear.


Oh and tq for the 'extra'. you didnt have to dear. The original was more than enough. Tq again. :)

Cooking Rookie said...

what an amazing cake.... I'm speachless.

subscribing to your blog :-)

sana said...

what a beauyiful cake!! your rose look like real ;)

Su-yin said...

Oh wow this is so beautiful. I never knew that steaming helped to 'set' the colours! Brilliant tip.

kennady said...

o glad to see you back swati! the wedding planner cake is simply gorgeous. Nice design!

ramya said...

Oh...This is so beautiful,Zurin!The loveliest cake I've ever seen.So glad I found your blog.....surely gonna be a regular here!

Brogan said...

This is amazing and the roses are so beautiful! I love the colours on the cake as well! x


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